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Bob Kimbrough

Trisha Solberg

Comparison of 2011–12 water years and historical water-quality data, Arkansas River Basin, Colorado

Sampling locations (by Station number and Station name)

Follow the links to access daily streamflow plots (where available), time series plots, and data summaries.

391517106230602 Little Sugarloaf Gulch 6 near Leadville, Co.

391504106225201 Little Sugarloaf Gulch upstream from Dinero Mine

391502106230601 Sugarloaf Gulch above Nelson Mine drain tunnel

391501106225401 Sugarloaf Gulch 1 upstream from Dinero Mine drain tunnel

391454106224201 Sugarload Gulch at mouth near Leadville, Co.

391452106224201 Lakefork downstream from Sugarloaf Gulch near Leadville, Co.

391456106232901 Strawberry Gulch 3

391445106230901 Strawberry Gulch near Leadville, Co.

391443106225701 Strawberry Gulch at mouth near Leadville, Co.

391414106231001 Colorado Gulch upstream from mouth near Leadville, Co.

07086000 Arkansas River at Granite, Co.

07093700 Arkansas River near Wellsville, Co.

07096000 Arkansas River at Canon City, Co.

07096500 Fourmile Creek near Canon City, Co.

07096515 Arkansas River at Fourmile Road near Canyon City, Co.

07097000 Arkansas River at Portland, Co.

07099100 Beaver Creek near Portland, Co.

07099200 Arkansas River near Portland, Co.

07099400 Arkansas River above Pueblo, Co.

07099970 Arkansas River at Moffat Street at Pueblo, Co.

07109500 Arkansas River near Avondale, Co.

07117500 Arkansas River at Nepesta, Co.

07117600 Chicosa Creek near Fowler, Co.

380739103593701 Hungerford Hollow at Highway 50 near Fowler, Co.

380715103564701 Apishapa River at Highway 50 near Fowler, Co.

07119700 Arkansas River at Catlin Dam near Fowler, Co.

380456103473701 Patterson Hollow at Highway 50 near Vroman, Co.

07120500 Arkansas River near Rocky Ford, Co.

07121700 Arkansas River at Swink, Co.

375955103351201 Crooked Arroyo at Highway 50 near La Junta, Co.

07123000 Arkansas River at La Junta, Co.

07124000 Arkansas River at Las Animas, Co.

07126200 Van Bremer Arroyo near Model, Co.

07103780 Monument Creek ab. N. Gate Blvd. at USAF Academy, Co.

07103960 Kettle Creek above USAF Academy, Co.

07103970 Monument Creek above Woodmen Road at Colorado Springs, Co.

07103990 Cottonwood Creek at mouth at Pikeview, Co.

385124104501301 Monument Creek trib. 2 at Sonermann Park at Colorado Springs, Co.

07104905 Monument Creek at Bijou St. at Colorado Springs, Co.

07103700 Fountain Creek near Colorado Springs, Co.

07103707 Fountain Creek below 8th St. at Colorado Springs, Co.

384909104504401 Bear Creek above 8th St. at Colorado Springs, Co.

07105500 Fountain Creek at Colorado Springs, Co.

07105530 Fountain Creek below Janitell Rd. below Colorado Springs, Co.

07105600 Sand Creek above mouth at Colorado Springs, Co.

07105800 Fountain Creek at Security, Co.

07105835 Fountain Creek below Chilcott-Crabb Dv. Near Fountain, Co.

07105900 Jimmy Camp Creek at Fountain, Co.

383854104413601 Fountain Creek below Jimmy Camp Creek near Fountain, Co.

07106000 Fountain Creek near Fountain, Co.

383347104373401 Williams Creek at mouth near Wigwam, Co.

382625104353701 Sutherland Ditch at mouth near Pinon, Co.

07106300 Fountain Creek near Pinon, Co.

382047104364001 Fountain Creek at Belmont Stables near Pueblo, Co.

381840104361001 Fountain Creek above 40th St. at Pueblo, Co.

07106475 Fountain Creek above Highway 47 at Pueblo, Co.

07106500 Fountain Creek at Pueblo, Co.

381601104355801 Fountain Creek at East River St. at Pueblo, Co.

381515104351900 Fountain Creek at Mouth near Pueblo, Co.

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