National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program - South Platte River Basin

DATA DICTIONARY #1 for Fish Community Data Sets:

STAID - Station identification number

REACH - Reach identifier ("A," "B," "C")

COLLDATE - Collection date

FISHNO - Sequential fish number for a station/reach/date/species

METHID - Collection method (see protocol)

FSHNAME - Name of fish, common or scientific

NTYPE - Name type ("SCINM" = scientific name; "C" = common name)

FSHTIME - Collection time

LABFG - Code that indicates if the fish were identified in the field ("F") or laboratory ("L")

BATFG - Code that indicates whether the weight and/or anomalies were determined from a batch of fish ("Y") or from a single fish ("N")

TLNGTH - Total length of an individual fish (mm)

SLNGTH - Standard length of an individual fish (mm)

FSHWGT - Weight of an individual fish or a batch (group) of fish (grams). If data is from a batch, then the BATFG flag is "Y"

ABUND - Number of fish that represents the weight and/or anomalies data for that line. This value is "1" if BATFG is "N", indicating that the data are for an individual fish

SDATE - Date that the data were entered into the file by the study unit

SSRCE - Data source. Should be the study unit or the identification of the ichthyologist who did the field or laboratory identifications

DE - Deformities. Number of fish that are deformed

ER - Eroded fins. Number of fish with eroded fins

LE - Lesions. Number of fish with lesions

TU - Tumors. Number of fish with tumors

AL - Anchor worms. Number of fish with anchor worms

BL - Black spots. Number of fish with Black Spot Disease

CL - Leeches. Number of fish with leeches

FU - Fungus. Number of fish with fungus

IC - Ich. Number of fish with Ich

NE - No Eyes. Number of blind fish

PA - Other external parasites. Number of fish that have external parasites other than the ones listed above

PE - Popeye Disease. Number of fish with Popeye Disease

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