Comparison of 2017–18 water years and historical water-quality data, Fraser River Basin, Colorado

Sampling locations (by Station number and Station name)

Follow the links to access daily streamflow plots (where available), time series plots, and data summaries.

09022000 Fraser River at Upper Station, near Winter Park, CO.

09023560 Fraser River above Moffat Tunnel at Winter Park, CO.

09023750 Fraser River below Buck Creek at Winter Park, CO.

09025010 Fraser River below Vasquez Creek at Winter Park, CO.

09027100 Fraser River at Tabernash, CO.

09033300 Fraser River below Crooked Creek at Tabernash, CO.

400453105554200 Fraser River at Hwy. 40 at Granby, CO.

395927105505700 Crooked Creek above Pole Creek at Tabernash, CO.

09032000 Ranch Creek near Fraser, CO.

09033100 Ranch Creek below Meadow Creek near Tabernash, CO.